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Paper and Pin Rotating Helicopter for Learning Science

Posted on Nov 14, 2015 by in Flying | 0 comments

Paper Helicopter Step 1

Making a simple helicopter that flies and comes down rotating will really thrill your kids. This is very simple to make but you will be amazed how well it flies. Your child will learn easy and you can make him learn the concept of vertical flight.

Requirements : Pencil,Scissors, paper clips, crayons for adding color,Hard paper white color.

Step 1 : Use a paper and cut it in a Rectangular shape. Cut the rectangle top part as shown in the above figure to make wings of the helicopter.

Step 2: Fold A towards yourself and B away from yourself as shown in the figure.

Paper Helicopter attaching paper clip

Step 3: Fold C and D to Overlap. Follow the creases shown in the figure. It is done to make the lower part heavier.

Step 4: Fold the Lower part upwards to get the final shape.

Step 5: Attach a clip to the Lowest part as shown in the second figure. This makes the lower part the heaviest.

Step 6: Throw the helicopter upwards with all your might. The paper copter will come down rotating and you will feel like a child again.

Step 7: You can use some painting skills and use crayons to color the wings and body in different colors to make it look cool.

Enjoy with your children and make many models such as this. Enjoy playing in groups. It is easy and cost nothing to make. You can also make you child learn the science behind the air thrusts which makes helicopter fly.

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