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Posted on Aug 23, 2014 by in Model Trains | 0 comments


Model train 2I love seeing even the most basic model train display, it returns me to my childhood when my father and I would make a special outing once a year to a nearby town for their annual show. With my hand in his he would point out carriages from places I had only ever read about in books, sometimes explaining some tehnical detail or perhaps the history of the engine. At night I would poor over catalogs dreaming what Santa could bring me for Christmas. As my collection grew my mother would bcome increasingly frustrated by stepping arund sections of track on the floor – despite this always wary of stepping on one of my treasured possessions.

What I love in particular about travelling is coming across unexpected displays. In Germany I have found many train stations with their own display, sometimes up to date Deutsche Bahn trains speeding round, other times more local trains endlessly servicing the local town – and it always cheers me to see the number of people who will just stop and stare transfixed by the display. I don’t understand why in England stations in larger cities can’t put on equal displays. With sponsorship and the help of local clubs, the cost involved would be minimal, and the delight on a childs face to see the world laid out in miniature as a reminder of the great trip they themselves are possibly about to undertake. Are we so blaise about society that we’ve forgotten these small moments in life? After all noboby can surely argue that model collections are a thing of the past.. the continued success of places like Legoland, surely show that a childs imagination an an adults passion can make things universally popular.

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