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Model planes Evolve

Posted on Mar 9, 2016 by in Model planes | 0 comments

Model planes

Who would have imagined that a collection of model planes could lead to a place in life where ones future financial dependence is reliant upon this amazing hobby? For a Gainesville, Florida man that has made the news across the world we get a glimpse into the value of model planes and their worth. In 20 years of skydiving and amassing a total of over 500 jumps his only injury was a broken finger. Yes, Mr Lawson has lived a life on the edge; he flew his planes into storms at night, that would terrify even the most seasoned of pilots. This adrenaline fuelled life left his financial savings as a back-seat priority. Currently he has medical bills and they are piling up. To pay them he is looking at selling his collection of model planes as a way of becoming financially solvent; this huge collection of planes he has made since he was six years old shows craftsmanship, quality, and more importantly…dreams. They define and reflect a life lived the way he always wanted it, soaring high. The history and stories in these magnificent planes will hopefully attract the relevant buyers, giving them a home and making life a little easier for Mr Lawson.

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