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Model airplanes – the basics

Posted on Aug 23, 2014 by in Model Airplanes | 0 comments

Model airplane A quick guide to avoiding some obvious errors.
When I started my model train blog, I thought a quick history would be a nice place to start. This time I have elected for something more useful, and I think the ideas here can often be applied to both model trains and planes.

The first question is usually type of aircraft, is it for yourself, are you a parent looking to interest your child and if so will you be helping?  If it is with a child and neither of you are experienced – start basic, allow the child to learn the tricks of the trade, so to speak, a basic model will allow you to show the child some essential skills that can be built upon later, and if you haven’t done anything like this for a while allow you to refresh your skills without losing face. Don’t be worried that the model will be to simple, a childs imagination is far greater than any model.

So, the basics – and they really are basic to begin with. Make sure you have everything you need at the start, that the pieces are correct and all there,  there’s nothing worse than having to run around looking for that piece you were sure you had while your glue dries. Tools, do you have everything, have you brushed off the tools you last used as a child, if so are they still clean and working? Check that your working area is big enough to work in, and that you can access your model from all directions.Remmber the area will be in use for a while as the model dries etc – is the dining room table the best place? Glue, ensure the glue is correct, are you planning on flying the plane? if so the correct glue is vital for balance stability and sructure, the wrong glue and your wing will be off mid air.

Most of all use your common sense, your child will learn from you, if you are enjoying yourself so will they. Oh, and lastly, read the instructions, I know most men don’t believe they have to – but it will make life earier.

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