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The Flying Model – Getting the Basic Machinery Ready

Posted on Jul 6, 2015 by in Model Airplanes | 0 comments

model airplaneHave you ever made a model airplane fly? No I am not talking about paper ones. A model which looks and flies like a real airplane with all the features. Sounds interesting isn’t it?

Is it tough to make? Not for a geek like me. Come on it is very simple if you read what follows:

The Materials Required :  a soda can,electric motor, 9 volt battery, wires and fishing line.

Tools : A wire cutter and a pair of scissors

–> First wind the copper wire on the top of the motor.It should bind the whole girth of the electric motor and have two free ends. The free ends are for batteries to be connected.

–> Now connect the batteries to the electric motor and bind them together well.

–> Cut open the soda can and make a propeller out of the tin. Connect to the front of the electric motor after making a hole.

–> Tie the fishing line connecting the battery and motor. Make sure the fishing line balances the both parts.

Now this is the basic of building the basic machinery for an actual airplane operating with electricity. Building the structure is another matter altogether. What are you waiting for go ahead and get the machine ready. Do not just read the instructions try it out.


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