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Planes and kids

Posted on Aug 23, 2014 by in Model Airplanes | 0 comments

How i used model planes to bond with my kids.

Model airplane 2I’ve loved model planes since I was a young child, it was a world where i could lose myself for hours (days sometimes) to imagination, starting with the basic kits that my Dad gave me, to growing up and being able to choose my own intricate models.

When I married my wife showed no interest in my passion, but humoured me in allowing space in the house, or later the garden shed. When we had children I thought the time had come to focus on other things, and with little energy spare the shed soon started collecting other more practical equipment. However, during a work trip one year with very little time for gift buying, I came across a model plane in the airport and tentatively bought it fully expecting that it would be left to me to complete – for some reason I had come to the conclusion that my children were far more interested in all their electonical gadgets than they ever would be in modelling. Well, it turns out I was wrong , after showing a few basic techniques, I was soon relegated to the role of fetcher and helper.

Now when I go away I am always on the lookout for new models to bring home, something that speaks of my trip – a way to share with the children where i’ve been, and for them to ask questions about places. A World War 1 bi-plane I found on a trip down south has conincided nicely with the anniversary of the war, and allowed for interesting discussions not just on the equipment but how it must have felt for these pioneer fliers. We’ve now cleared and dusted the shed, and I am proud to see my childrens work displayed side by side with original models from my father.

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