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Making a working model of Levitating Train Part 1

Posted on Jan 3, 2016 by in Model Trains | 0 comments

working model of  Levitating Train

Hey friends I just chanced upon a really nice way to make a working model of a train that really works only on magnets. It is called levitating trains. This is based on the principles of magnets repelling and attracting like and opposite poles. These trains do not make any noise and are faster as there is less friction involved. They just need a magnetic rail, no wheels are required.

Materials required for building the model: (1) 2 short high power magnets for the train. (2) 2 Long high power magnetic strips for the rails (3) Wooden blocks cut to size.(4) Hardboard  (5) Clear adhesive tape (6) Foam board for decoration (7) Ruler stick (8) Pencil.

Procedure : (1) Cut a wooden block to suit the size of the train and a wooden block which will be the monorail.(2) Attach the magnetic strip to rail road block as shown in the picture below. The strips should be 1/2 inch apart.

The rail and the train should be adjusted to fit each other. There must be a small gap to enable free movement of the train. Constructing the rails is shown in the details: (1) Draw 2 parallel lines 24″ long and 1/4″ apart. Number them and name as A and B which is a guideline for laying the plastic rails.(2) Place the rails using glue and let it dry. The rails are ready. The train placement in the next post.




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