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Lego Make Model Railways Too

Posted on May 23, 2016 by in informative | 0 comments

Lego model railways are fun and highly collectable

Today I will be talking about a subject too often ignored by the model railways community: Lego trains. Lego has been producing trains since 1966. Products include locomotives, rolling stock, signal houses, and stations, and you can, of course, make Railway track using lego.

It is somewhat wider than the traditional O gauge, and is referred to by fans as “L gauge”. Over time, Lego has experimented with different permutations including push along trains, battery power and 9 and 12-volt transformers with metal tracks. They have also released a remote controlled battery version on plastic tracks. With 7867 sets released, the permutations are endless, and hard-core Lego fans across the world put on exhibitions of huge Lego trains setups. This brings together the world of Lego enthusiasts and model railways fans. There is some dispute over whether Lego trains can be considered “real” model trains.

I have to admit I was sceptical at first but when I saw the trains I was impressed by the level of detail and beautiful designs. Ultimately the limitations of Lego mean it can never be as realistic as traditional models. However, the flexibility and quirkiness of Lego make it a valuable niche of railway modelling.

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