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About Me

I am Henry, and I am 45 years old, and I am from Liverpool. My greatest hobbies are of course my beautiful wife and children, and then comes my keen interest in model trains as well as plastic models of airplanes. I have had this fascination since I was a youngster, and my passion has grown as I have become an adult.  I suppose this began with the fact that trains are used to transport people back and forth, and the different sources including steam, electricity and diesel caught fascinated me.  The cargo trains are pulled by a locomotive from the front, and passenger trains have many carriages which join up with other units. The model trains which you find today are very intricate in detail, and my children get a lot of enjoyment out of them, and have most certainly adopted my interest in model trains.

 Model trains and airplanes

I have just started this blog, as i have a keen interest in model airplanes and trains. This started when I was around six years old, when my father gave me my first plane to build which we assembled together. This took a lot of concentration, and once we had completed the intricate painting and detail, we hang this with a piece of wire, over the middle ceiling light in my bedroom. It remained there for many years, and was the first of many. about meToday my children’s ceilings are decorated with many model airplanes, all in various colours and models, and for my children, there is no greater accomplishment than having something which you assembled and decorated, hovering up in the air above, to revel at. This is where a child’s dreams begin.
Take a look at this fantastic model airplane image:

I also found this great youtube video related to model airplanes which I would like to share with you.  

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